Zack & La'i, Engagements

This cute couple met in the warmth of BYU-Hawaii and are now here in Utah where we did their engagement pictures. Of course, we picked the coldest day of the season (it was two degrees that morning... TWO!) and got through the  photo session with all of our fingers! We decided to do their engagement pictures in American Fork Canyon where snow was plentiful and people were scarce.

There was lots of laughing and giggling and smiling and more laughing! We were freezing (did I mention it was cold!?) but really did have a good time. I told La'i not to avoid wearing black, but she does what she wants and I'm glad she stayed true to herself! I like to make some suggestions but in the end it's my clients call on what to wear (or not wear) and I just want them to be comfortable in their own skin.

Each couple has their own style, and I try to reflect that! Each of my engagement sessions have their own feel and look. 

My goals are: for my clients to have a positive experience, feel good about the session, get their images to them quickly and make it easy breezy for the guys.  Check, check, check and check!

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