Tyler’s Headshots {Utah/Kaua’i Portrait Photographer}

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You may remember Tyler from the mini-shoot we did in Utah  last year. Well, Tyler is going to be a Full-Time Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! He had been called to serve in the Utah St. George Mission!  If you would like to watch his response to the call, go here.  Tyler is a very cool kid. I am lucky to be his sister! Truly amazing  things are in store for this handsome, young man!

I’m going back to Utah  this week. I’m having some seriously mixed emotions.  But before I leave, I’m trying to get headshots of each of my siblings.  Maybe I’ll even get headshots of my amazing parents! We’ll see…

Beach Shots {Utah/Kaua’i Portrait Photographer}

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Finally got my boys down to the beach for their own mini photo shoot! It was kind of a disaster. Makoa wouldn’t give me a normal face, and if he did, it was blurry. Ka’imi wouldn’t go near the ocean and became hysterical if Josh or I put him on the sand;  he was only content sitting on a big rock.  He was still so freaking cute when he was crying… I kept snapping away.  Does that make me a bad mom? Or just a “mamarazzi”? lol. Then, Josh had his GQ photo shoot. He’ll be 16 this year!  That  blows my mind! We finally  left  because it got way to windy and the rain drops started. When I got home, I realized we didn’t get any shots of Josh with his shirt actually on! lol. My mom wont be enlarging any of those… haha… oh well, guess we’ll have to do some  head shots with him!

Malakai {Childrens Portrait Photographer}

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How stinkin’ cute is Malakai?!?! I mean, really!! I have had some exceptionally enjoyable photo shoots because my friends have the most darling children! Malakai’s mom, Danielle, was a classmate of mine! I think the last time I saw her was 8th grade! Malakai just turned 1 year old and had a PAR-TAY out here on Kaua’i! We were able to squeeze in a quick “Hawai’i” photo shoot before they had to catch an airplane back to Las Vegas! The weather wasn’t exactly cooperating, and Makalai was pretty exhausted from all the partying he did while on vacation… he actually fell asleep during the shoot! That was a first for me! lol. He’s so precious. It was a pleasure getting know him and to catch up with Danielle! Enjoy!

Liz, Arianna & Joseph

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I actually remember meeting Elizabeth when I was 4.  She babysat my siblings and I for years and she’s like a sister to me. It’s great to catch up with her and get to know her children! We’ve missed each other over the years in various moves around the country, but it so happens that the stars have aligned and we are able to be in the same place long enough to get some very cute pictures, not to mention have some good laughs!

I love being home on Kaua’i, and am grateful for the chances I’ve had to be a photographer for some very special people in our life (and by “our” I mean, Cameron and I).  I have a little under 2 weeks left here, but am already planning our next trip back!

Spouting Horn, a series of images.

A series of images by Alicia States

A series of images by Alicia States

I thought these were kind of fun, and wanted to share it. On the south shore of Kaua'i near Po'ipu, there is a spot call the Spouting Horn. On this particular day, there was a south swell so the spout was incredible! These were created with a series of 84 and 11 images.


Lily {Kaua’i Children Portrait Photographer}

13Apr 13513Apr 005  13Apr 030 13Apr 018-2 13Apr 060-2  13Apr 143 13Apr 227-2 13Apr 234-2 13Apr 542 13Apr 573 13Apr 659-2

Ah! Lily! What a gorgeous little girl. She is so full of life, that it’s contagious just being around her! Oh to be 4, with the world at your feet! I was really just trying to capture her free personality… and I think some of her photos are just  stunning! I went to Elementary/Middle School/High School with her mom, Tanya. It’s so tender to see this next generation and their strong personalities! Lily absolutely has the potential to take on the world!

Rhyan, Erika & Khyler {Family Portrait Photographer}

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I’ve known Rhyan since I was 4, and our parents are still good friends today! His mom is like a 2nd mother to me and my little family when we’re home (on Kaua’i).  She makes the best mochi ever!

It’s been awesome to see Rhyan go on a mission and get married to an amazing girl! Erika is incredible, and I’m so happy they found each other!  They’ve both been good friends to Cameron and I. We are lucky to have them in our lives!

When I finally met Khyler, their first baby, I instantly felt a tiny bit of ownership. lol.  It’s so fun to see a tiny little thing that is such a combination of Erika and Rhyan!

It was so much fun for me to take their pictures. Rhyan and Erika adore each other and Khyler is such a loved baby! I am glad we were able to get a few pictures that capture that. :)