Parker Family

  5June 202-2

Here is a teaser photo of the shoot I did with the Parker family.

Can you tell we had fun?

This is quite possibly one of my favorite images to date.

It just makes me smile!  I can’t help it!

More pictures of the Parker family to come!


6June 116-2

I wanted a few pictures with my hubby.

Instead of cute, wall-worthy images,

I found out I’m allergic to Alfalfa. 

I’ve never been allergic to anything in my life!

I have a whole new level of empathy for those who have allergies.

But dang! Alfalfa fields make such great pictures when your eyes aren’t red and puffy!

Imagine for me.

Today I took my boys (ages 2 and 3) to the local pool.

I wish I could download pictures from my brain.

Or maybe I should get a waterproof, digital camera.

But then I would need at least a few more arms. At least.


Imagine for me many, many moments of pure happiness and fun, smiles and bright colors!

I wish I could download pictures from my brain.

Have I mentioned that I love summer time?