Hardy Family {Utah Family Portrait Photographer}

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“All because two people fell in love…”

61 People! Yes, Sixty-One people! 2 parents = 10 children = 49 spouses, grandchildren and great grandchildren! Only one grandchild was unable to there.  From what I understand, the Hardy’s haven’t had a family portrait  in nearly 15 years! And what a beautiful family! I am so honored that they chose me to be their photographer! It was cold. It  was chaotic. It was a challenge.  It was cold. It was a BLAST! To be be 100% honest, it wasn’t my most technically correct shoot, but I am so pleased with the images we got! Sixty-One People! Everyone was a good sport… but it was COLD!  Thanks Hardy’s! Here’s to sixty more!

*Hardys, to see the rest of the images, click on the link below


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This is my niece, Sianni. My brother, Ryan (her father) died 3 1/3 years ago when she was barely 1. She is such a gorgeous little thing. She lives on Kauai with her mother and grandparents but came to Utah for a day after her Disney adventures in California with her grandparents. It was such a wonderful day!  It was her first time playing in the snow and she loved it! She asked me, “Is this Utah?”, “Yes,” I told her. Then she said,“I want to stay here forever!” I love that sweet little girl! We treasure every moment we are with her!

The Living Planet Aquarium

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My boys and I love The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, Utah. After being there a good number of times, I finally brought my camera. I love the tropical fish and the bright colors. It was a great learning experience for me with all the different lighting throughout the aquarium; really low light (not one of my strong points yet), really bright lights and moving objects... it was fun.

Liam, a way mini-shoot. {Utah Baby Portrait Photographer}

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This little bundle of cuteness belongs to my friend, Carli. She brought him over this morning for a few shots for his baby announcements. Like I said, way mini-shoot. I love his little toesies and Liam is such a darling baby! He's 5 weeks old...just old enough to be squirmy, but we got those darling hand/feet shots we wanted!  They don't stay this small for very long at all! Congratulations, Carli! Glad he's finally here!

Gonzales Ohana {Utah Family Portrait Photographer}

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I absolutely love this family!  Not only are they a gorgeous bunch, but they are truly one of the kindest, most giving families I know!  Their children are ridiculously talented, smart and (hello!) photogenic! I have very, very much enjoyed getting to know this family better and better! It is a privilege to be your photographer and your friend! 

Kasperson Family {Utah Family Photographer}

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This is such a darling family! It was so much fun to have a photo session with them! Allison is so full of energy and life! It was a privilege to spend time with them and I hope I captured the images of their family that they wanted! Enjoy!