Venture off the beaten path

These cute girls are my boys' favorite babysitters! We traded some baby sitting for a photo shoot, and sure had some fun last week. McKaida's cute headband matched beautifully with the spot we found, and she worked it! This was the first time Jorie took pictures with me and it took her a minute to warm up, but once she did, she rocked it! We will definitely be doing this again! I would love to do photo sessions in this same spot in each season... just sayin', girls...

I am in love with these images. We woke up bright and early (for a Saturday) complete with some Del Taco hashbrowns and caught some gorgeous morning light, in a spot we just happened upon. True Story. I heard the little brook and ventured off the beaten path to find this tiny clearing that was pure magic! The smells, the sounds, the light... We could have stayed there all day! ...but we filled up my SD card... so until next time!!

I will be back.


BFFs. {A Mini Back-to-School Photo Session}

What do girls like more than being the center of attention?

These girls were in heaven getting their pictures taken. It was adorable! :) They've been super anxious to see their pictures (of course!) so here they are! :)

Seriously, this session didn't last more than 20 minutes. It was a quick, fun (successful!) Back-to-School Mini Session. To schedule yours, email me aliciastatesphotography{at}gmail{dot}com or send me a message over on Facebook!  (link on the right!)

Beautiful K.


I am so pleased with these images!! I have been taking pictures of this beautiful little girl since she was a baby and it's been amazing to watch her grow! We met up at a park and had a simple, awesome photo shoot! The lighting was perfect. The park was nice and green! We found some magical spots and I am just in love with these images! :)

Ade {Utah Photographer, Portrait Photography}

It was a pleasure to hang out with this little miss! She is a breath of fresh air and absolutely darling! She was cracking me up with her one liners (when her baby sister started fussing she told her, "... it's okay kid.") She is totally mommy's little helper and quite independent. I had a ball just letting her do her thing and she sure wasn't afraid of that camera! It was great! Not to mention I didn't hear one potty joke or inappropriate noise the whole morning! (Girls and boys really are so different! Not better or worse, just different!) I'll tell you what though, girls sure are fun!

Zoey Turns One! {Part 1}

Cutie patootie Zoey is ONE! She has two older sisters who wore the same onesie for their First Year photo shoots! I think it is such a fun idea! Of course, Mel (the mama) is full of really fun ideas (and sure knows how to throw a party!).  The timing of the sunset was perfect and we got some shots with that rich, orange light even though I didn't think we would really be able to! But we found the pockets of light and Zoey worked it! :) Because of unforeseen circumstances (err... stores closing earlier than they should and not quite getting the shots we wanted for lack of the props we needed from aforementioned store...) we will be having a part two to this photo session! (I couldn't be happier. Another chance to play with this cutie? Yes please!)