Happy Birthday, T! Part 2 {Utah Portrait Photographer}

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We sure know how to have FUN!!

Here are a few more from T's birthday photo shoot!! The girls sure knew how to work the camera and if you ever have a difficult time getting a teenage girl to smile... the secret is saying these two words: Taylor. Lautner. Get's  'em every time!!

Happy Birthday, T! {Utah Portrait Photographer}

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Happy Birthday, T!  What a darling bunch of girls! I had so much fun "shooting" them today! There's just something about teenage girls that is just so... FUN! Enjoy this little sneak peak of the shoot today! Thanks for letting me be a part of your celebration! Hope you all had a BLAST! I know I did!

Father and Son


This is one of my favorite photos  up in our home. Makoa was about 15 months old here, we were playing at some waterfalls where the guys would jump off, and the rest of us would play above the falls in the pools. I sure miss it!

States Ohana {Utah, Family Photographer}

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Emily & Keiten

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These are my cousin's darling kids...  taken over 2 years ago! Back when I actually had a studio! I was browsing through some of my earliest portraits and it's fun to see how my style had changed and my skills have improved!  I do enjoy working with studio lighting, but have really fallen in love with natural light.

Totally not photography related, but last night I was locked out of my house because the house keys fell of the car key ring! I looked EVERYWHERE I could think of that it may have fallen, in the area I was in. I wasn't about to completely retrace my tracks as it was 10 at night... I had been to Draper and Sandy that same evening... so we ended up spending the night at my Mother in Laws - SLEEPOVER!! Yess! haha... anyway, we found the spare and we're all good now!  So... double check your keys and make sure they're not going to randomly FALL OFF and get lost!

My Idea of Heaven - Makoa 18th Months

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I've decided to fill in the gaps with some older photos I've taken, but have not shared. This one is my oldest son at 18th months old. We were living on Kaua'i at the time. This is one of my favorite series, and I finally printed them and have them up in my home.  There's something  about these images that yell "Paradise!"  to me. I am grateful for the time were able to spend there. And I am so glad I got these images!

Baby Snow Leopard {Utah Photographer}

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Can't forget about this little guy! He's almost 3 months old, and way cuter than any stuffed animal I've ever seen! He was sleeping 95% of the time I was watching him, but he glanced up for just a few moments, and I caught this! Needlesstosay, I am stoked! He's going to be a big cat one day! But he's gorgeous!

Baby Giraffe part 2 {Utah Photographer}

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Newborn Giraffe and Mommy

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On July 30, 2009 a giraffe was born at the Hogle Zoo in Utah! We happened to be visiting the next day and got to see this brand new guy! He is so cute! He won't be so little for long. Giraffe's grow an inch a day when they are first born. It was so tender watching the mommy nursing and getting the baby to walk around. It amazing how instinctive motherhood is!  Definitely not something you see everyday!