Vic, Christy and Kids

Vic & Christy 048 Vic & Christy 051-2 Vic & Christy 061 Vic & Christy 110 Vic & Christy 134-2 Vic & Christy 145

These are pictures of the whole family! After taking individual pictures of the kids, Christy wanted family pictures taken! We took them in their yard, so the kids were pretty comfortable. I had fun + They had fun = successful photo shoot!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Stockton & Courtney

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Stockton and Courtney are also my cousins, Ellie's brother and sister. Ellie's photo shoot went so well we just had to do one for the others!   Stockton was a natural! He blew us away with his modeling skills. He took charge, had fun and looked amazing! And Court - well, what can I say? I guess it runs in the family! This was her first photo shoot and... well... I so look forward to being her personal photographer... this girl has got so much going for her! She is brilliant (really. She's a little genius!), beautiful, a talented rising star and she loves animals! Hello! Watch out Hollywood! :D


Ellie Grace

ellie 008-1 ellie 075-2 ellie 091-1 ellie 093-1 ellie 112-1 ellie

My cousin, Ellie is so freaking cute! She cracks me up and we had so much fun during this quick photo shoot in her backyard!  The headband is totally her signature "thing" - she wears one everyday.  I think I'm her new favorite person... she was so excited to see so many pictures... of... herself... lol. I heart this girl!

The New Look.

One of the things that Naomi talked about at the Dinner Development was developing a professional looking design that would uniform... well... everything.  So, the colors I picked are pink, brown and white and Polka Dots... which I designed myself. I wanted something to represent Hawaii... but Polka dots are so darn cute and simple. Sorry geckos, you've been replaced. I really like it. I'm designing my business cards with this same look. I'm very excited about it! I picked pink because I'm girly (well, we're working on it...) and brown because not only do I love the color, but it represents my "brown" Hawaiian childhood and my "brown" supportive husband. :D And they just go perfectly together. I have all these ideas in my head... slowly but surely they are coming to life!  This is only the beginning...

Thanks, Naomi!

PS If you would like to support me (I KNOW you do... ) you can "steal" these fun tags. I'll work on figuring out how to give you a "code" to use...  eek...





Does this picture make you smile? It totally makes me smile! Maybe because I'm a mom. Maybe  because I took this photo.  This is a cute family that I took pictures of at the Portrait Party (I know the last name is Webb, but I'm sorry, I can't remember her first name for the life of me... Stacey, help!) I love how each of her children are doing something different... kisses... hugs... crying... and the look on mom's face is pure happiness!  This is a special photo. It has a theme without needing a title. Yes? This encompasses what motherhood is all about. You take the good with the bad! "Come what may... and love it!" (Like my new header and "watermark"? I'll explain more later.)

Portrait Party Preview!







My first Portrait Party went great! I got to take pictures for 5 families! It's taken me a while to get them where I like them... but I think you will be pleased! Thanks, Stacey for hosting my first Portrait Party! It was such a perfect excuse to see you guys! I really hope you love the pictures! 

Buy my Photographs!

I'm working on building an online store where my photographs (particularly landscape, still life and commerical) can be purchased! Now you can can have plumerias and other Hawaiian flowers in your home! I will let you know when it is up and running! If you have any requests of past images of mine that you would like to purchase, please tell me so I can make them available to you!

Salt Lake & Utah County - Portrait Parties

I am scheduling Portrait Parties for Salt Lake and Utah County for Nov 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 11th and 12th. If you're interested leave a comment with contact information, or email me. Here is more information.