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My prices will be going up really soon. (I got a new camera! YeeHAH!) I will also be upgrading and changing the feel of my photography business all together (SO. EXCITED.) New business cards, new website... it will be awesome.

If you book with me in the next week, you will receive the current price. I just wanted to let you all know that my prices will be going up. And it will be so worth it.

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Assisting with Photographer, Larry Reeves

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I had the opportunity to help out the talented Photographer, Larry Reeves for a wedding this morning!  I didn't have a "Wedding" gallery... and it's simply because I am still a little intimidated by weddings! That's a lot of pressure for this budding photographer! :) Soon, though. Soon!

Working with Larry was great! His easy-going approach was totally my style, and not to mention I learned a lot! Thanks again, Larry for your words of wisdom and for letting me tag along!

Yony, Part II. (Utah Portrait Photographer)

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Yes, I married into a good lookin' family! It works out really well that I love photography... and I have such cute in-laws that... well... love being in front of the camera! We took these in American Fork, Utah - such great spots right around these parts! :) If anyone is in the area and wants to book a shoot, let me know!

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Alicia States Photography


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My husband's youngest brother, Ty. What. A. Stud! He's one of the most kind-hearted boys I know. Hang on though, he's only 14. He's got great things ahead of him! Ty does not let life get him down and regardless of the hand he's dealt - you'll always find this kid smiling. Or striking a pose. Or cracking a joke. Watch out, Taylor Lautner - you've got competition!