Family Photos are THE WORST

You needwant (yep that's one word) family pictures taken. You have a new addition to the family, your children have grown so much since your last picture (if there is a last one), you've lost weight, your child is leaving home, your children are all back home for a minute, it's the holidays and everyone is finally together, it's a gift for mom, it's a gift for grandma... there are so many reasons for family pictures!

But even the idea of family photos can induce anxiety.

What should we wear?
Who to hire?
Where should we take them?
How do I convince my husband? (ammiright?)
What should we wear?!
Last time the kids were awful!
When in the world are we going to find time?
What about the weather? (Only in Utah. :p)
How should I do my makeup?
We'll all need haircuts!
What should we wear?!?!

You might even avoid family pictures like the plague.

I get it, I do! I have five boys and I break out into a cold sweat thinking about wrangling them for  and taking the pictures (and then literally end up a hot mess by the end of the photo shoot) so I promise! I get it.

And I'm here for you 100%.

But your kids are going to be so much better then you think (they always are.) You probably don't know this, but my husband (who is my second shooter on most family shoots) is a child whisperer. For seriously. I have a 100% success rate at getting pictures we will all love no matter how your morning goes or what mood those kiddos arrive in. I'll say it now (and I'll say it again at the shoot), Mom - relax. All you have to worry about is looking good. Let me tell your kids what I need them to do. 

Oh, your husband hates having his picture taken? Good. I can work with that. I also brag that 100% of the time, at the end of the session, the men comment "Well, that wasn't bad at all." (or something really similar). One of the 3 goals of my business is - get this - to make the photo shoot EASY BREEZY FOR DAD / the men. True story. It's really important to me that everyone has a positive experience.

This is not my first time at the rodeo.

So talk to me! 

Tell me what your fears and concerns are. Tell me the vision you have for your family photos and I will help you figure out the least painful way to get them done! We will make a plan (and it won't be hard - taking family pictures is what I do!).  


And message or text me. Seriously. Let's start the conversations and we will get through this together!

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