Let's go to Kaua'i {SNUBA!}

(That's me! The blondie that was in hula and didn't even know -or care- that she was so different.)

You may or may not already know that I grew up on the Island of Kaua’i. More specifically, my parents moved there in 1988 with three kids (I was 4) and are still living there.  I’m sure you’ve heard of Kaua’i. If you haven’t, google it – right now. Kaua'i is my childhood home and holds a very special place in my heart! Why am I talking about Kaua’i on my photography blog? Why NOT?

More than ever (except maybe for when I was going to school at BYUH) people I know are visiting Kaua’i! (That’s awesome, just be careful!) I finally wrote up a master list of what-to-dos and where-to-eats to share with  friends who wanted suggestions! When my boys and I spent 5 weeks there in 2016 I added to that list and even started an Instagram @kauaiwithkids .

Anyway I thought it would be fun (and helpful?) to tell you about Kaua’i and highlight some of our favorite activities and places to eat.

There is a lot to say about Kaua’i so as I share suggestions with you, you can follow along and we will build a master list together. K? K.

Let's start out with my favorite activity on Kaua'i (that also happens to be the family business)... SNUBA with SNUBA Tours of Kaua'i. I've been SNUBA diving long before the recommended age of 8 years old!

Me again! (A long time ago!)
And four of my five boys in 2016

It's a chance to really get the underwater experience without scuba diving (which has never appealed to me). No scuba tank on your back, but you also don't have to deal with a snorkel. You can swim freely (up to 20 feet deep) or hang on to the SNUBA raft for your comfort. Aahh! I love it so much! So do my boys!

What kind of outdoor activities do you enjoy? What kind of food? Do you have plans to visit Kaua'i in 2017? What do you want to know about the island?

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