This is how we do "fun" in Utah!

We know how to do "fun". Plus, my boys have the best uncles in existence!

The expression on my kid's face is priceless. He was being quite the daredevil and was enjoying himself beyond the maximum! I can't believe we didn't get one tear out of him the whole time we were sledding (tubing?). He's a champ!

Staying Warm and Cozy

I would apologize for my virtual absence, but I'm not sorry. I've been cuddling with my new baby and staying in my warm home while Utah finally decided to change seasons... it is now cold enough to be winter... for real this time (never mind the false alarm when it snowed a couple of weeks before Halloween).  It is so. dang. cold. So I haven't gotten out much for a few reasons... and my photographic creativity has taken a back burner for now. Except that I have a darling new son that has each of us wrapped around his tiny little finger. I do have pictures of him, but I will refrain from flooding my photoblog with them (although I was not refrained on my Facebook page).  I'll just share a few of my favorites.

And hopefully I will be back sooner than later!

Happy Holidays!