Roxie & Tanner


I love this picture of my cousin, Roxie, and her cute son, Tanner!  It's pictures like these that make my heart flutter with excitement! I can just picture this picture up in their home, or in the bedroom of this precious little boy! I love taking pictures!!!!!!

Thank You, Roxie!


Woo-Hoo! I got some portraits taken by my cousin, of Roxie Photography!  It was a quick, fun photo shoot! I just wanted some portraits for my website and what not, but I think I may have one enlarged for my hubby. I must say, I like the angle Roxie took them at... :)  Yes, I am paler than pale... but oh well. Just because I grew up on Kauai, people expect me to be... Hawaiian..! But I'm a WHITE GIRL! And by white - I mean clear. And mind you, I don't always look like this..! But of course, I would only post on the internet, ones I like. Alrighty, thats enough vainess (word?) outta me!.

Portrait Parties!


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Service: Family Portraits









For our Church Photography Group on Kauai, we took family portraits as a service for our Church ward members. It was a chance to practice and develop our photography skills.  This was so much fun!  The Gonsalves Ohana were perfect for the task! They make my portfolio look good...  I'm sure you agree! Keep en eye out for future photo shoots offered as a service!

Portrait Parties!

Portrait Parties are a fun new way of having your portraits taken! Host a party, and earn amazing portrait discounts and prizes! Attend a party and have your portraits taken at an exceptionally low cost! More details to come! Contact Alicia for more information!

Toy Cars


My husband, Cameron recently bought himself a '72 Oldsmobile Cutlass. No, this is not it. ;) He's trying to brainwash my 21 month old into loving muscle cars and bought him these models. They were sitting in the window sill just like this, and I had to snap it. It was like they were on display at some car show... how would a 21 month old know what the heck an engine is?! He was checkin' it out, nonetheless!

Fall Leaves

I am so thrilled about my new logo! Also, I had a blast taking pictures of these super-cute kids! The leaves were perfect, they were perfect, and I am very pleased with how these images turned out!! Enjoy!