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Isn’t Anielle such a beautiful name? She has three older brothers and is such a sweet blessing to her family and there is so much love for this little girl in that home!  It was a pleasure to take pictures of her!  She was just as content as she could be!  And the toes!  I love baby toes!

Business Headshots for Team F8 (fate)

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I just  wanted to share  my favorite headshots from a shoot I did yesterday for F8. It  was a lot of fun! Hope we can do it again soon!

PS. Yep! That’s my husband.

Cala & Chelsey Engagement Portraits

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Chelsey and Cala are pretty much the cutest couple ever! There’s just something about being around an engaged couple like this that just takes me back!  What a great looking couple! Oh, and they’re getting married on the beach in Puerto Rico! Yeah. Wish I was able to photograph that wedding! :D Their wedding will, undoubtedly, be a vision!

Hope you two have an incredible future together! Thanks again for being so much fun to photograph!