Post Editing. Some Maternity Shots & Photography Tips

I was proud to tell people "I don't even use Photoshop". I felt confident about getting the images I wanted in-camera with slight post-editing (in any program but Photoshop).

Well, I now use Photoshop and I have never looked back!

I still only do slight editing but I have also unlocked previously unimaginable possibilities!

And then, I finally took the leap and started shooting in "RAW".

Holy smokes, it pretty much rocks my photography world.

I can do the slight editing I have previously been unable to do even with my limited Photoshop knowledge. It's so cool!

Here are a few samples of my mad editing skills (jk jk, I'm still a super-novice when it comes to shooting RAW and any kind of impressive post editing has yet to become a strength). But I will say that I am pleased with the results.

My husband took these for me (yes, he's the bomb dot com). I set up the camera settings in Manual and let him shoot away (in RAW) where I was able to make them look the way I wanted).

You may or may not care much about post editing, but I am excited about these and wanted to share!

My humble suggestion to aspiring photographers: First, SHOOT MANUAL. Develop your relationship with your camera so you can get as close to perfection as possible IN CAMERA. Don't rely solely on post-editing. When you feel good about what you see in the camera - then start shooting RAW. It will blow your mind. :-)

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