Itching for a Photo Shoot...

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I have been itching for a photo shoot since we moved to Las Vegas!  Luckily we know some cute cousins (most of whom Cameron has known since they were babies!) that were just itching to have their photos taken! :D We went to Paseo Verde Park while the guys/boys were playing, the girls had a little fun!  I must say I am very pleased with the photos and my itch has been scratched... for the moment. Thanks girls (and Shelley and Nikki!) for your patience and willingness to be "shot" (with a camera that is). 

Happy New Year Everyone!

Makoa's 2 year Photo Shoot...

TWO Years of modeling for me. What a champ! You would think he would know the procedure by now... and maybe even cooperate... lol. Yah. Right.  I love you, Makoa! Thanks for being such a good sport!

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Temple Square

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It was so beautiful! Cold, but beautiful! It was a nice outing with 2 of Cameron's sisters, and their little families! It was a good chance to practice some night-time photography! Cameron bundled up Ezekiel and pretty much zipped him up in his jacket, and Ziek slept the whole time. Makoa was bundled up in the stroller but then he got out and ran around with his Auntie Emi until he was totally freezing cold, then he shared the stroller with his cousin, Kiki. It was cute. Did I mention it was cold? We didn't last too long, but long enough to enjoy the beautiful lights, and get back into the cars before our exposed skin was frozen to the point it had no feeling at all!   

Tiny Steps

Clarks 111

Just wanted to share this one! (Taken at the Clark Family Photo Shoot)

The Clark Clan

Clarks 045 Clarks 060-2 Clarks 074 Clarks 086 Clarks 141-2 Clarks 156-2 Clarks 184 Clarks 211

We had a fun session today! The kids were all smiles and ready to play! This is such a sweet family! We met them when we lived up in Salt Lake when Cam and I were first married, and thanks to the wonderful world of blogging, we have been able to keep in touch and even find an excuse to get together! Yay for blogs and photo shoots!! Enjoy this preview!

Vic, Christy and Kids

Vic & Christy 048 Vic & Christy 051-2 Vic & Christy 061 Vic & Christy 110 Vic & Christy 134-2 Vic & Christy 145

These are pictures of the whole family! After taking individual pictures of the kids, Christy wanted family pictures taken! We took them in their yard, so the kids were pretty comfortable. I had fun + They had fun = successful photo shoot!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Stockton & Courtney

stockton 108-1stockton 017-1  stockton 163-1  stockton 170-1 stockton edit-bwcourt edit1 courtney 042-1 courtney 119-1 courtney 142-1 courtney 155-1 courtney 169-1 courtney 312-1

Stockton and Courtney are also my cousins, Ellie's brother and sister. Ellie's photo shoot went so well we just had to do one for the others!   Stockton was a natural! He blew us away with his modeling skills. He took charge, had fun and looked amazing! And Court - well, what can I say? I guess it runs in the family! This was her first photo shoot and... well... I so look forward to being her personal photographer... this girl has got so much going for her! She is brilliant (really. She's a little genius!), beautiful, a talented rising star and she loves animals! Hello! Watch out Hollywood! :D