Let's Get Real

I'm a wife first and always.
As long as that stays in place everything else works out for me.

My kids suck the life out of me...  and I don't even mind. Those life suckers are mine and one day I'm going to consistently sleep through the night when there are no little bodies waking me up because they can't sleep or when they get home late at night and I'm going to miss it and I know it. They are my most important work in this life and let's be real - I'm probably going to screw it up. Because...

I don't really know what I'm doing. I mean, I kiiiiind of know what I'm supposed to do and my husband and I have the same long term goals so that makes all the difference but we are seriously taking the path less traveled here. We're raising FIVE BOYS! That in itself threw me a curve ball I wasn't expecting! We're definitely up for a challenge though, and I have every confidence we'll figure it out... you know, after we've made aaall kinds of mistakes! And lets be real - I can apply that to every aspect of my life.

I hate cleaning. My husband is a very clean person, and has been dying a little inside since we got married (I'm sure!)... I mean, I have gotten better at it - but cleaning the same messes day after day after day after day makes me want to pull my hair out or find a reason to never ever ever ever be home. So our house is usually a well-balanced messy... except for the 5 minutes before my husband gets home from work when it's the cleanest it gets all 24 hours of a day. That my big compromise.

I love Star Wars. I make no excuses. If you stop reading my blog and decide you no longer even like my pictures because of this I just want you to know that it will only make me love it more.

Go ahead, be brave and tell me something REAL about yourself!


  1. Love this and you! Im so with you on the sleeping thing someday we will sleep through the night like maybe 8 hours straight, I'm pretty sure I could conquer the world with 8 hrs of sleep! I'm trying to think of a confessions from me but all I keep thinking is sometimes when I do laundry I find one pair of underwear from each kid and let's face it I do laundry once a week also all their teeth will fall out because they might get brushed once a week! I hate to cook dinner HATE it! Also I stay up way to late every night and regret it every morning. So New Years goals are pretty much just opposite of what I just said, also I haven't really kept New Years goals ever ;)

    1. What is this 8 hours of sleep you speak of?! Laundry, brushing teeth, cooking dinner, staying up way too late - I think you're living my life! :) I GET YOU! And your hair IS THAT CUTE au natural! <B

  2. Also I wish I could look as adorable as you without doing my hair