The Living Planet Aquarium

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My boys and I love The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, Utah. After being there a good number of times, I finally brought my camera. I love the tropical fish and the bright colors. It was a great learning experience for me with all the different lighting throughout the aquarium; really low light (not one of my strong points yet), really bright lights and moving objects... it was fun.

Liam, a way mini-shoot. {Utah Baby Portrait Photographer}

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This little bundle of cuteness belongs to my friend, Carli. She brought him over this morning for a few shots for his baby announcements. Like I said, way mini-shoot. I love his little toesies and Liam is such a darling baby! He's 5 weeks old...just old enough to be squirmy, but we got those darling hand/feet shots we wanted!  They don't stay this small for very long at all! Congratulations, Carli! Glad he's finally here!