Carol, Maternity Portraits

I don't always want to go play outside in the cold, so I've been using the light I have available indoors. (My sliding glass doors to be exact). This is a totally different feel and challenge than being out in wide open spaces!

I like shooting indoors, studio style for a few reasons and situations… 1- For individual portraits where I have more control over posing and angles. 2- When it’s winter and I want to have a lighter feel to the clothing (there is a time and place for gloves and chunky beanies). The winters last way too long around here as it is and I get antsy for a spring/summer feel to my photos again! 3-When I need better control over the lighting and want a more dramatic/artistic feel to the image (using light).

Carol is my friend and a great sport to model for me while I tried some different lighting techniques. I had some ideas and needed a willing subject to help me out! Obviously, she’s beautiful and believe it or not she is expecting her sixth child! She’s pretty much super woman! It was a pleasure and honor for me to create maternity portraits for her with my own artistic touch to them.

Having gone through five pregnancies myself, I have so much respect for women and what their bodies are capable of. I know each woman’s experience is different in great and small ways, but I truly admire pregnant women. It’s no easy task even when a woman may have a relatively “easy” pregnancy. It might sound weird, but I really do think pregnant women are beautiful and should be celebrated.

I would love to see women in our society supporting and relying on each other during pregnancies and postpartum. What would it take to create that kind of community

Anyway, that’s a topic for another day. If you’re interested in learning more about how I took these images, I’m happy to answer questions. Otherwise, enjoy! 

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