Let's Go to Kaua'i {The Skinny on Fast Food}

Oh, Monday. You're the day I kind of dread because I have to get back into my morning routine (and mornings can get rough around here), and my hubs goes back to work and I have to get back into the daily grind. I mean, don't hate you, Monday, but I don't really like you. So here's what I'm going to do-  I'm going to dream of being on Kaua'i every Monday and then, I think, we will have a better relationship because any day that I get to talk about Kaua'i has to be a good day.

So let's talk about Kaua'i.

When you think about Kaua'i what do you think about? Beaches? Napali Coast? Nature? Getting away from everything? A Cultural Experience? All of the above? Yeah. All of the above.

So here's the thing, Kaua'i is a great place to bring the family! I spent 5 weeks there with kids ages 1-9... and they loved it! Now, I didn't exactly get alone time, but that isn't why we go. That being said, Kaua'i is also perfect for a couple's getaway! Basically, Kaua'i is perfect for everyone! (Unless you don't like to fly then you're out of luck because that is the only way to get there!) So over the weeks, I'm going to share stuff I love to do with kids in tow and stuff we like to do without the kids.

One question I get asked a lot is 'Where is a good place to eat?' And man oh man do I have a list for you! You can can all kinds of food on Kaua'i if you know where to find it. I'm going to share what I like. We might have different preferences (and budgets) so take that with a grain of salt.

HOWEVER, When I take my five boys out to eat, I usually take them to Taco Bell... yep, Taco Bell. Because it doesn't cost me an arm and leg and I know my kids will eat it, and sometimes that's all it comes down to. (Plus, I might have worked at the Kapa'a Taco Bell as a teenager.)  I don't like ( I mean hate) taking my boys somewhere nice (expensive) and new (to them) to eat just to hear them complain and not eat. Don't get me wrong, my boys actually have a pretty impressive pallet and will eat different kinds of food, but if you have kids you know what limbo feels like not knowing whether they will or will not like new food. That's why I think it's important to know what your staples are especially if you want something familiar... like a food chain.

So, for the record, Kaua'i does have...
Taco Bell
Panda Express
Jamba Juice
Burger King and
Jack in the Box.

If you have another fast food preference, you probably won't find it. (By the way, Kaua'i also has a Costco and Walmart so you can stop holding your breath and relax. You'll have access to just about anything you might need. Except... well, anything Kaua'i doesn't have.)

Next time, I'll share a few places that I love to eat...

What kind of food do you like to eat? Mexican? Thai? Hawaiian? 

The Kaua'i to-do-and-know List by Alicia:

SNUBA diving is great for families with kids over the age of 8.
Available Food Chains (in case you want something familiar)

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