{Emi & Kiki} Happy Holidays!

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I am in love with these pictures! We were hoping to find a spot with snow and a river… and we found a spot with  snow and a river! Peeerfect!

I hope you  are all enjoying a wonderful Holiday Season!

{Evans Family}

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16Dec 062-1


This shoot was quite the adventure… freezing cold weather, wild deer…. but how dang cute are those kids? I’ll tell you - so dang cute. I especially love action shots of kids just playing and being… well, kids! Capturing the smiles and laughter is what I love best. Brittani and Sean are the sweetest couple, and such great parents in my opinion. We braved the cold and you would never guess it was 33 degrees that day! I swear kids are  immune to anything that could stop them from having a good time! If they wanna have fun – they have it! Oh, the things we can learn from children!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I love giving stuff away… outgrown clothes, handmade gifts… cookies… photoshoots! I don’t do it often, but it makes me feel great to hook a family up with pictures that capture their life as it is right now, something they may otherwise kind of miss out on. I mean, really… how often does mom end up in the group pictures (or dad, if he’s the primary photographer of the family)? In my case… like, never! I can count on one hand the number of pictures I have with my children… and I don’t even really like me in them. But whatever. Moms take one for the team… (everyday… multiple times a day… )but anyway…

I ran a giveaway a couple of weeks ago for a Family Photo Shoot and a CD with images… I got one entry (yeah, one, but I’m not taking it personal).  Awesome Sauce for the Orr Family! She sent in her family picture and her reasons for wanting me to take her family pictures… this is what she said,

“We would love to receive your photo shoot because you are an absolutely amazing photographer.  In our whole marriage we have not had a professional photo shoot and it would be so fun to be able to display your photos in our home!   The way you find the beauty in everyone and their personality make us smile every time! Please pick the Orr family!”

Well… I pick the Orr Family!!!

Orr Family Submission- Alicia States Photo Session Giveaway

I’m thrilled to pieces! How cute are they?!?! We’ll have a blast and get some amazing shots, I just know it!

For everyone kicking themselves for not giving the Orr Family a little competition… make sure you’re following me on Facebook for real-time updates so you know to enter next time!!!

Also, for those of you on Kaua’i, I will be doing a giveaway for you guys when I know when I’ll be there next!! Woot! Woot!

Giveaway - One Family Photo Shoot

I've decided to give away one Family Lifestyle photo shoot to a Utah Family! That means, we hang out, I take pictures of your family and then you get a CD with all the best images!! Must be one immediate family. Easy peasy and so much fun!
How to enter:

Follow me on Facebook.

Submit a picture of your family (recent or not, doesn't matter) to aliciastatesphotography (at) gmail.com and a reason why you want ME to take your pictures by midnight on Sunday, November 27.
I will post all of the submissions on Facebook, and then you guys can get your family and friend to vote for you by "liking" your photo. Voting ends Sunday, December 10th. The family with the most "likes" wins!

(Kaua'i friends, I will do another giveaway when I know exactly when I am coming to visit!)

Cram Family

Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States  Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States-02 Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States-03 Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States-04 Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States-05 Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States-06 Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States-08

Can you say Good Looking Family?!?!  Obviously this family was a breeze to get good shots of! The most difficult part of the shoot was beating the light! Oh and not getting attacked my wild animals… (okay, that last part wasn’t hard at all, but it was distractingly on my  mind!)

This was a little bit of an adventure shoot. I was on alert the whole time,  slightly nervous about all the “natural” sounds we kept hearing.  At one point I heard a charging sounds – my heart skipped a few beats – when I turned and it was human I couldn’t have been more relieved! I guess we found the hot trail for horseback riding, mountain biking, even for riding dirt bikes! I had never been on that trail before so it was a shot in the dark, hoping we would find some picturesque spots. We did. 

And what is up with this weather?! We jumped from Summer to Winter! The trees hadn’t even fully turned and snow fell! I don’t get it. It’s making me crazy! I just want to enjoy Autumn before the long winter hits! Make the most of it, I suppose. Snow shots are gorgeous, too!

Gonzalves Ohana

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What a beautiful family!  I am super honored that they flew all the way from Hawai’i out here to Utah just so I could take their family pictures! Just  kidding! Just kidding! =) They sure brought the warmth of Hawai’i with them (and suspiciously, the weather dropped about 20 degrees when they left!) It was an absolute joy to get to know them all a little better and to be around such wonderful people taht remind me so much of what I love and miss about Kaua’i!

I have to mention that my awesome brother came to this shoot with me and was cracking everyone up! His humor is priceless. Thanks, Josh!

Cute Kiddos

utah-children-photographer-alicia-states utah-children-photographer-alicia-states-02 utah-children-photographer-alicia-states-03 utah-children-photographer-alicia-states-04 utah-children-photographer-alicia-states-05

4 months old


I can’t get enough of this baby! He is absolutely precious, and easy *knock on wood*. His baby blues are lightening up, and just might turn green like his big brother! He’s a chunky  monkey and I freaking love him!

Smith Family

family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 047 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 052 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 073 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 085-V family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 089 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 092 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 095-1 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 098 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 113 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 114 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 115 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 121-8x10 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 138 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 163-8x10 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 249-2 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 252 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 254 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 258 family-photography-alicia-states-24aug 352

I freaking adore this family!  It was an absolute pleasure hanging out with them (because, that’s really what it feels like for me) and capturing these priceless moments!  The dang clouds were being fickle, but in the end the lighting was perfect!  Thanks you guys, I had a blast!