Family Photos are THE WORST

You needwant (yep that's one word) family pictures taken. You have a new addition to the family, your children have grown so much since your last picture (if there is a last one), you've lost weight, your child is leaving home, your children are all back home for a minute, it's the holidays and everyone is finally together, it's a gift for mom, it's a gift for grandma... there are so many reasons for family pictures!

But even the idea of family photos can induce anxiety.

What should we wear?
Who to hire?
Where should we take them?
How do I convince my husband? (ammiright?)
What should we wear?!
Last time the kids were awful!
When in the world are we going to find time?
What about the weather? (Only in Utah. :p)
How should I do my makeup?
We'll all need haircuts!
What should we wear?!?!

You might even avoid family pictures like the plague.

I get it, I do! I have five boys and I break out into a cold sweat thinking about wrangling them for  and taking the pictures (and then literally end up a hot mess by the end of the photo shoot) so I promise! I get it.

And I'm here for you 100%.

But your kids are going to be so much better then you think (they always are.) You probably don't know this, but my husband (who is my second shooter on most family shoots) is a child whisperer. For seriously. I have a 100% success rate at getting pictures we will all love no matter how your morning goes or what mood those kiddos arrive in. I'll say it now (and I'll say it again at the shoot), Mom - relax. All you have to worry about is looking good. Let me tell your kids what I need them to do. 

Oh, your husband hates having his picture taken? Good. I can work with that. I also brag that 100% of the time, at the end of the session, the men comment "Well, that wasn't bad at all." (or something really similar). One of the 3 goals of my business is - get this - to make the photo shoot EASY BREEZY FOR DAD / the men. True story. It's really important to me that everyone has a positive experience.

This is not my first time at the rodeo.

So talk to me! 

Tell me what your fears and concerns are. Tell me the vision you have for your family photos and I will help you figure out the least painful way to get them done! We will make a plan (and it won't be hard - taking family pictures is what I do!).  


And message or text me. Seriously. Let's start the conversations and we will get through this together!

My BLOG is getting loved - intentionally.

My blog has been getting some one-on-one time (like a child who needs some extra attention). It got a makeover and was bumped up on my priority list (right below my 3rd child... bahaha just kidding.) But really, it's like re connecting with an old friend. And my old friend is awesome.

Because I'm list maker (and so I can hold myself accountable), I'm listing the purposes of having a blog...

First of all, to document and share my journey as a photographer (did you know I started this blog in 2008!?)

Second, to share my photos.

Third, I have a blog so I can connect with others! I connect with clients and photog friends and we get to know each other better!

and Fourth, FOR FUN. I enjoy it - so it has a special place in my life and business!

One of my goals for 2017 is to do things with intention, and breathing life into this blog is something I intend to do this year (and forever after!)

What are you doing with intention this year?

Let's Get Real

This is me on a good day. A really good day (aaaand a little bit of photoshop). Meaning I miraculously got enough sleep (though there is only so much I can do about the circles under my eyes - but its me) and woke up before the boys and got a shower in before chaos ensued. My hair is washed and styled. My favorite long-sleeve tee is clean and my makeup cooperated. I needed new head shots for my photography business and after setting up the lighting I wanted to and the 
camera settings, I let my 10 year old have at it. I actually got a few I like. It's a day of miracles, people!

Zack & La'i, Engagements

This cute couple met in the warmth of BYU-Hawaii and are now here in Utah where we did their engagement pictures. Of course, we picked the coldest day of the season (it was two degrees that morning... TWO!) and got through the  photo session with all of our fingers! We decided to do their engagement pictures in American Fork Canyon where snow was plentiful and people were scarce.

How Professional Images Actually Help Your Memory

Professional portraits are considered an investment because while we are told our brains save everything we hear, see, read, feel, smell, taste… we have not yet mastered the skill to recall those things at will and with utmost clarity. Try remembering the details of a face you haven’t seen in years… can you do it?

Without high quality images, I wouldn’t remember the details in the baby blue eyes of my now 9 year old - whose eyes have incredibly turned a shade of gold and green. I just couldn’t! Without high quality images, I would hardly remember the mischievous grin,and twinkling eyes of my younger brother who passed away over 10 years ago at age 20.

Images keep long distant relationships alive, and connect us to people we may never see again in this life (or may have never even met). Images keep stories real and memories closer to our mind’s reach. I despair to think how many priceless, precious moments have been lost to oblivion because no one bothered to record anything referencing them. How much more do we cherish the images of our babies - once they’re grown? How much do we cherish images of the best times of our lives - when those times have long since passed?

It is far too easy to let time slip away thinking there is nothing significant about that birthday, that family get together, that random road trip, that whole year, or that Halloween costume. Or have you already experienced the pang of regret that you didn’t get pictures while she was still around or when you went to that one place that ended up meaning a lot to you…

“I wish someone had gotten a picture…” Have you ever thought that?

Now let’s get your pictures taken!

Why I LOVE Family Photos!

Creating timeless family photos is like...
Unleashing a little bit of magic -
that mostly looks like the family you spend so much time with and know so well -
with a hint of other worldiness
that makes you realize how amazing your life really is and
how lucky you are to have these
perfect-for-you people
in your life.
As if your looking through a window you never noticed before and think,
“Yes, I know them, and I can’t believe how beautiful we are together.”

THAT is what I love most about family photography. That is when I know our time and efforts together were successful!