Creative Portraits {fog inspired}

My boys aren't always so great at listening and not bugging each other... but they are good at modeling for me (and they're ridiculously photogenic). It's a fair trade off, I guess. ;)
It's no secret I love playing with and using light! We get this incredible fog (inversion?) out here that not only softens, but literally blurs the light sources. It doesn't happen too often, and when it does I'm always itching to take photos!

After three years of dreaming about it, I finally took initiative to get some portraits done in the fog! And holy smokes, I kind of love how they turned out! The mood of the images is unlike anything I've created before, and I really really enjoyed creating something so different for me.

I took these on our street early in the morning before the fog started to lift. The boys' early morning, tired faces add to the feel, I think. We took and edited these on two different days, that's part of why there is a slightly different tone to them. 

There is some photoshop enhancement to hide the mail boxes, homes and cars parked along the road. But I wanted to keep the shape of the tree in some of them. I used the clone and dodge tools. I changed the color balance to be very blue but had to mask their faces to keep most of their original skin tone (skin tone is something I'm trying to do better with). 

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about these and would love to do more creative portraits that make you wonder what the story is, or just feel different than what I've done in the past. I little moodier, I guess you could say. 

I'll be thinking of some other spins I can take with the fog... 
...and the ideas are already starting!

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