Let's go to Kaua'i {Ke'e Beach and Dry Cave}

My favorite beach on Kaua'i is Ke'e Beach.  If you can get there on a relatively calm, clear day you will not be disappointed. In fact, you will probably get toasted because you forget to reapply your sunscreen again and again because you're going to be there for so long!

It's at the very very very end of the road heading to the North Shore, you can't miss it. But! You might not be able to find parking either. Ke'e Beach is also right where the trail to Hanakapi'ai (Na Pali Coast) starts - and over the years it's gotten packed. There is secondary parking about 1/3 mile up the road but that fills up quickly too - so get there as early as possible (6am would not be too early). Once you figure out your parking situation and get down to the beach it's totally worth it.

The water is clear and and great for snorkeling or just leisure swimming. Lifeguards are on duty. You might ok you'll probably see wild chickens walking around the beach (and everywhere else on the island). They're pretty harmless, but can be quite comfortable around people so I wouldn't (personally) encourage them by feeding them or anything. Just shoo them away.

Oh! And you might as well stop on the way (or way back if you're getting an early start) and see the dry cave across from Ha'ena Beach Park!

The Kaua'i to-do-and-know List by Alicia:

  • SNUBA diving is great for families with kids over the age of 8.
  • Available Food Chains (in case you want something familiar)
  • Duke's Kaua'i - Beach side dining and my personal favorite
  • Ke'e Beach (and Dry Cave) - Good for snorkeling and leisure swimming 

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