Hele On to Kaua'i {Duke's Kaua'i}

The Original Hula Pie
Hele on to Kaua'i,
Hanalei by the Bay,
Wailua River Valley...

...and Dukes Kaua'i where I go for the friggin' ono (delicious) mahimahi and Hula Pie.  
My husband goes for the Teriyaki Steak (which may or may not be on the menu but he still gets it). You can even include the salad bar (which I do). (Don't mind my crappy phone pics and also, here is a link to the Dining Room Menu.)

Duke's Kaua'i  is named after  thelegendary Duke Kahanamoku

This is a place I prefer not to bring my kids (but you could) because, personally, I love the atmosphere. "Beach side dining with Hawaiian decor" and some nights there is soft, live music. 

It's a place for visitors and locals alike. After you eat, you can take a walk along the beach, or around the Marriott pools. I can be very romantic... or not... if you bring your kids. ;)

The hubster and me
My sister and her husband
Holla if you've ever eaten at Duke's Kaua'i and loved it!

And for your convenience... (because I just figured out how to add a map! booyah)

The Kaua'i to-do-and-know List by Alicia:

  • SNUBA diving is great for families with kids over the age of 8.
  • Available Food Chains (in case you want something familiar)
  • Duke's Kaua'i - Beach side dining and my personal favorite

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