Kasey, Fashion Portraits

Gah! This girl is stunning! And as real as they come. She has a mind of her own and won't hesitate to tell you how much she loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts or belt out Celine Dion! 

I've know Kasey for a few years now. We met when she served an LDS mission out here where we live. She's pretty unforgettable with that smile and her awesome Texas accent! 

I've been wanting to dabble a little more in fashion photography and it only made sense to work with Kasey!  It was cold outside so we decided to take our photo session indoors and play with light. She was amazing to work with! She taught me a little about the modeling industry and what she is and is not willing to do for a paid job. aaaand Kasey might have been casted in Utah Fashion Week in Salt Lake City on March 14th and will no doubt crush it!

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