The Cook Sisters {Pt. 2}

What beautiful little girls!! It was an absolute joy to take their pictures! You may remember when I took first year pictures of their baby sister... well, we got together again and this time we had the balloon! Each girl had pictures with a yellow balloon for their one year birthday sessions, and last time we got together all the balloon places had closed! 

The lighting was beautiful. Obviously, I have a thing for morning and evening lighting. The backlighting and highlights are gorgeous. 

These girls were natural posers, but even when they weren't actually "posing" they were stunning. It was darling to see the older two interact. I could tell without even guessing that they are the best of friends. 

It's always fun for me to take pictures of girls since I only have boys. It's fun to be around their girly energy and I get to be silly in ways my boys would think were just weird. :) I could never ask my boys to flip their hair or twirl or pop their hip... lol... (I'm chuckling just imaging it!)

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