Go dance in the rain...

We had a few random downpours today. They didn't last long, but the rain drops were big! One of these downpours started as I was about to load my three youngest boys into a shopping cart and head on into good ol' WalMart for some misc shopping...

I was actually changing a diaper, half in, half out of the van when it began. My back was getting soaked! As soon as the bum was clean and the fresh diaper on, I jumped back into the driver's seat! We were cooped up in the van (by then they all had their belts off) and I was debating whether to wait it out or not.

So, naturally, we voted.

"Who wants to go through the rain?"

"ME!!!" voted the two and five year old.

They're boys. Of course they want to be in the rain!

So we loaded up in the now-soaked shopping cart that was just waiting for us...

And we got rained on. 

We didn't run. We didn't squeal. We just walked and talked through the rain...

And it was lovely.

"What does the rain smell like?"I asked,"How does the rain make you feel?"

"Marshmallows!" "Water!" "Cold!"

Yes. It was a moment.

And writing about it makes it more real.



Now, go dance in the rain!

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