Ringling Bros, The Greatest Show on Earth

The Circus was incredible!! My husband's uncle travels with the circus as one of the musicians (did you know all their music is live?!) so we all go to see it when he comes to town!

It's absolutely magical.

We ate way too much cotton candy and popcorn, and danced and laughed and cheering and whooped and were anxious then relieved and amazed! After just about every act, my 4 year old would yell that was totally awesome! And it was. Yes, it was!

My husband and I agreed that our favorite acts were the Lions and Tigers (HOLY.SMOKES.), the Shaolin Kung-Fu Masters, and any act with the clowns. The horses made me nervous (A few of them were having an "off" night and one in particular was not cooperating... but it made it all that much more exciting!!!) The Elephants are always fascinating. The Trapeze did not disappoint... nothing did. AH! It was all soooo cool!

The lighting was difficult to work with and mostly I just wanted to absorb it all, but I did get these two images that I am pleased with, so I'll share them.  They are from the pre-show on the floor.

Enjoy! And go do something magical this weekend!!

Okay... and one more just to show how much fun we had =)

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