I'm not alone in this journey.

When I finished editing this picture, I fell in love with it. 
Let me tell you why.

The face could be any woman, it just happens to be mine, which allows me to connect with it in a way I haven't with other maternity images.

A hand on the belly suggests tender feelings about the child within her and the pregnancy itself. 
The hand on the hip suggests confidence and strength. 
Her face turned upwards towards the heavens gives me the impression she is looking towards her Father in Heaven to help her in her role as a mother. She knows this child is not her own, but also a literal child of God, and needs divine help if she will be successful.

That is how I feel about my pregnancies and this picture speaks to me, reminds me. 

Maybe it's just me - and that's OK if no one else feels that way about this image. I want it up in my home to remind me that not only do I need my Heavenly Father's help, but I am entitled to it if I live the way He has asked me to. 

Sometimes I forget.
I don't want to forget.
So I will make a better effort to remember.

Parenting is not just about my husband and I. 

We are not alone in this journey.


  1. You look beautiful and I agree 100%. The message is one we should never take for granted. By the way--I love the strength shining in your eyes. Congrats on another beautiful baby!

  2. Okay, FIne Alicia, you made me cry already today, very touching. I love you and all of your clan, I am proud of you and know you have hard days, you have been born of goodly parents...