Big Choices & Beautiful Children

Remember back in December when I did the giveaway for a a free photo shoot?! Well, the Orr Family won it and here you see their darling children. They decided not to do family photos and instead wanted pictures of their Emily & Kieten! Totally worked for me!

Sweet Emily has decided to be baptized in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and by the time this posts, she will have been! Her mom wanted some pictures of Emily for her baptism announcements and she even made that dress! (If you could actually see me, you would notice I'm a little green with envy... both because I wish I had that talent and I wish I had that DRESS!!! It's amazing!)

What a beautiful young girl she is growing into! It was so much fun to watch her twirl and giggle and get her perfectly styled hair a little messy (mostly it was wind blown, it happened to be one of those days, of course), but her faithful example shined in every one of her pictures! She is a doll.

And I think Kieten's images say it all. What. A. Stud! That momma has her hands full with such gorgeous kids!

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