It's All About Boys

Being the mother of three young boys is mostly chaotic... and when I say chaotic I mean borderline insanity. Sometimes I feel like I'm running a crazy house.

Don't get me wrong, I dare say my boys are good boys. At least, in public they usually behave (although the primary presidency may tell you otherwise). 

It's all about jumping, and climbing and building and destroying and bugging each other and potty talk and running and yelling and laughing and trying to scare each other and jumping (did I say that already) and whining and making loud noises, and making loud rude noises, and teasing and testing and chasing and wrestling... 

But they love each other.

I know, it's still weird to me how boys relate to one another. They don't hold a grudge no matter how many times one bugs or physically (usually accidentally) hurts the other - 5 minutes later, once they've cooled off, they're best friends again.


But they sure love their momma.

I am well looked after. When I'm sad, my second born is usually the first to notice and will tell me it's okay and sing me a song that will "make [me] feel better". Hugs and kisses never really stop (at least they haven't yet!). My first born is incredibly helpful when he wants to be and when he's having a hard day all he usually needs is a hug from mom or a man-to-man pep talk from dad - then he's right back to his awesome self. And my 15 month old is as precious as they come... what's not to love about giggles and smiles and happiness. Oh yeah, and did I mention we're expecting baby boy #4 in November? (Quite possibly the reason for all the pondering about the inner working of little boys). 

More often than not, though, life is pure, unadulterated lawlessness.

I can't speak from experience, but I imagine girls are a little different. (I was a teenage girl and so far I count my lucky stars that that won't be coming full circle - at least it's not in the cards yet!)

So in all honesty, I love the chaos. 

They are my little guys that are creating memories, learning and growing from their "hands-on" experiences. 

Of course, there are moments of peace (yes, usually when they are sleeping). There are countless tender moments of sweet conversation and story telling. There are moments of relaxing and cloud watching. There are endless moments of quiet learning and teaching. 

There really are moments when I can take deep breaths and thoroughly enjoy them...

...but usually they are running around with underwear on their heads.

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  1. Oh the fun of boys! Pretty much nailed it right on! I do have one girlie girl in the middle of my home full of boys and she can hold a grudge and pamper the sadness to no end where the boys are generally quick to forget and move on. And talk about the love of jumping, climbing and, it is never ending :) Love them!