Tyler’s Headshots {Utah/Kaua’i Portrait Photographer}

26Apr 013  26Apr 019  26Apr 061-2  26Apr 069  26Apr 081  26Apr 113

You may remember Tyler from the mini-shoot we did in Utah  last year. Well, Tyler is going to be a Full-Time Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! He had been called to serve in the Utah St. George Mission!  If you would like to watch his response to the call, go here.  Tyler is a very cool kid. I am lucky to be his sister! Truly amazing  things are in store for this handsome, young man!

I’m going back to Utah  this week. I’m having some seriously mixed emotions.  But before I leave, I’m trying to get headshots of each of my siblings.  Maybe I’ll even get headshots of my amazing parents! We’ll see…

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  1. First one is my favorite. Good looking kid. Let's hook him up with my daughter when he gets home from his mission. :) I watched the you-tube of his calling revealed. Poor guy. LOL I'm sure it will be an awesome mission for him anyway. :)