My Brudder. {Utah Portrait Photographer}

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Meet my brother, Tyler.  He recently graduated from high school and is now "on his own". Well, out of the house, anyway! We're lucky to have him visiting for a couple of weeks before he goes off and builds a house (not for himself, for our cousin). He also needs a haircut (says Dad). I like his hair. So, before he does it, we had  to have a mini [photo shoot].   I realized he not exactly smiling  in a few of these, but rest assured he is a happy, take-the-bull-by-the-horns type o' fellow.  Great things lay in store for this young man.

Yes, he's from Kauai. Yes, he's an all-star athlete. Yes, he surfs. Yes, he's single. Yes, he'll be leaving for 2 years to who-knows-where-in-the-world. Yes, you can write him.

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