Stephanie’s Headshots

5Apr 113  5Apr 033 5Apr 064 5Apr 069 5Apr 0875Apr 137

This is Stephanie, my baby sister. She’s the youngest of the 6 of us. Looking through these pictures, I can hardly believe how grown up she is! It’s hard living so far away from my siblings and missing out on so much!  I think they need me! ;)  She’s been extremely helpful with my boys, and really seems to love being an Aunty! I wish I could put her in my pocket and take her back to Utah with me!  It was fun to see this side of her.  She’s usually in her t-shirt  and soccer shorts with her hair pulled into a ponytail… I think she looks like a beautiful young woman in these! And her freckles! I love her freckles! Okay,  I’ll stop ranting about all the things I love about her! :D Enjoy!

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