Malakai {Childrens Portrait Photographer}

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How stinkin’ cute is Malakai?!?! I mean, really!! I have had some exceptionally enjoyable photo shoots because my friends have the most darling children! Malakai’s mom, Danielle, was a classmate of mine! I think the last time I saw her was 8th grade! Malakai just turned 1 year old and had a PAR-TAY out here on Kaua’i! We were able to squeeze in a quick “Hawai’i” photo shoot before they had to catch an airplane back to Las Vegas! The weather wasn’t exactly cooperating, and Makalai was pretty exhausted from all the partying he did while on vacation… he actually fell asleep during the shoot! That was a first for me! lol. He’s so precious. It was a pleasure getting know him and to catch up with Danielle! Enjoy!


  1. One of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. I want to draw him.

  2. oh he is buttery-lovely! could gobble him right up. =) you did a great job. i especially love the sand on his precious skin & in his hair!!!
    your new prof pic in the sidebar is gorgeous. i much love it!