Stockton & Courtney

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Stockton and Courtney are also my cousins, Ellie's brother and sister. Ellie's photo shoot went so well we just had to do one for the others!   Stockton was a natural! He blew us away with his modeling skills. He took charge, had fun and looked amazing! And Court - well, what can I say? I guess it runs in the family! This was her first photo shoot and... well... I so look forward to being her personal photographer... this girl has got so much going for her! She is brilliant (really. She's a little genius!), beautiful, a talented rising star and she loves animals! Hello! Watch out Hollywood! :D



  1. Hi Alicia! Hey we found each other! These pix are so nice! I love your head shots too! I really need to get some better head shots. I didn't know you have 2 boys, I know you said that one of your sons will be turning two in December. How old is your other son?
    hope all is well in vegas. kit

  2. NICE NICE! Hey where did all the sexy black hair go? You are doing so well. Did you leave to Vegas already? Well we miss you if you did, miss you if you didn't! LOVE - Om