The New Look.

One of the things that Naomi talked about at the Dinner Development was developing a professional looking design that would uniform... well... everything.  So, the colors I picked are pink, brown and white and Polka Dots... which I designed myself. I wanted something to represent Hawaii... but Polka dots are so darn cute and simple. Sorry geckos, you've been replaced. I really like it. I'm designing my business cards with this same look. I'm very excited about it! I picked pink because I'm girly (well, we're working on it...) and brown because not only do I love the color, but it represents my "brown" Hawaiian childhood and my "brown" supportive husband. :D And they just go perfectly together. I have all these ideas in my head... slowly but surely they are coming to life!  This is only the beginning...

Thanks, Naomi!

PS If you would like to support me (I KNOW you do... ) you can "steal" these fun tags. I'll work on figuring out how to give you a "code" to use...  eek...




  1. The geckos were cute, but the dots are more universal. Good choice, it's a great theme, fun, modern, and sheek all at the same time.

  2. I really like the pink and brown. You are so creative and fun!

  3. I love it! It looks amazing! You are so talented. I love the motherhood picture! It is so PERFECT! Exactly encompasses all of motherhood. You hit the nail on the head! Beautifully done. I miss you!

  4. This looks awesome, I love it. When Jeff and I come up for Christmas, we traditionally have a "snow party" with his extended family. If you guys are there (or still there) would you be interested in coming to take pictures and "play" with us? It will most likely be the week of New Year's or whenever it snows a LOT while we are there. :)

  5. AWESOME!! Your branding is coming along I see!!