Pretty Colors. Pretty Girls.

There is so much that I love about Fall!

Obviously, the gorgeous colors that give off the last ray of life, like it's trying to tell us, "Don't forget that there will be life and beauty again... just get through the winter!" Yes. Just get through the winter.

I love that the weather cools off and I can wear my cute sweaters that have been hanging out in my closet since April (remember, I was in Hawai'i in May). Oh yes, and my boots, too. Don't forget to get out those boots! 

And who doesn't love going out and taking pictures in the Fall?!?! Whether it's professionally done or not, who can resist the landscape and playing in the fallen leaves?! Well, obviously if you live in Hawai'i, you are missing out on a thing or two... 

Actually... let's make that one thing. Juuuuuust one. You trump everything else. :-)

Clearly, McKaida and Abbi were awesome to work with! How easy was it for me when these girls are so dang cute?! So. easy. The hardest part about the shoot was racing the light. Apparently, the sun is setting sooner and if you go up into the mountains on the other side of the sun... you're going to get cold and it's going to get dark even earlier. Lesson. Learned. (Again.)

Anyway, we had fun. The girls were awesome. We found some colorful spots that were accessible. I am super duper pleased with these images... so pretty much life is great! 

If you're in a place to enjoy the Fall colors, I hope you do! It will be so good for your soul. 

And if you live in Hawai'i, or somewhere that doesn't really have "seasons"... well, you're lucky. Go to the beach or something. That's good for your soul, too. :-)


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  1. omg love the colors, and the girls are beautiful. What lens are you using?