Changing my thinks... and feeling better.

I've been in a rut. Maybe it's the pregnancy, and it would be easy enough to blame my changing body and unbalanced hormones,  but in all honesty, I have been pretty ungrateful and a little unhappy. I have been focusing too much on the things I don't have and the things I should have and what's fair and what's not, that I've dug myself into an unhappy hole. And it's my own dang fault.

It's no easy thing to change your thinking process... even if you catch it early. It takes time and effort. So here is my effort in changing the way I think, and then the way I feel about the way things are right now. Because things are fine. Really. I'm just kind of a brat sometimes.

I am grateful that my children are healthy.
I am grateful my pregnancy has gone well.
I am grateful I have a warm home to live in.
I am grateful I have hot water to shower in, wash clothes in, wash dishes with and use whenever I want to.
I am grateful I have a washing machine.
I am grateful I have a warm bed to sleep in, with comfy blankets and pillows.
I am grateful that my boys have a father that they adore, and that he loves them back 10x more.
I am grateful for in-laws who have become some of my closest friends.
I am grateful that I can be forgiven by my Heavenly Father for my mistakes and short comings.
I am grateful I am here on this earth, at this time, learning and growing closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior from my experiences.
I am grateful for warm socks.
I am grateful for my warm sweaters and jackets.
I am grateful for my mother.
I am grateful for my father.
I am grateful for the things I do have.
I am grateful for my developing talents.
I am grateful for inspirational music, and that others share their talents!
I am grateful for a running toilet.
I am grateful for electricity.
I am grateful for the sunshine.
I am grateful for my friends and neighbors.
I am grateful for my husband's hard work and sacrifices.
I am grateful for the hugs, kisses and smiles of my boys.

There. I feel a lot better.

Life is good, even when it's not perfect.


Have a beautiful weekend!

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