Emily & Keiten

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These are my cousin's darling kids...  taken over 2 years ago! Back when I actually had a studio! I was browsing through some of my earliest portraits and it's fun to see how my style had changed and my skills have improved!  I do enjoy working with studio lighting, but have really fallen in love with natural light.

Totally not photography related, but last night I was locked out of my house because the house keys fell of the car key ring! I looked EVERYWHERE I could think of that it may have fallen, in the area I was in. I wasn't about to completely retrace my tracks as it was 10 at night... I had been to Draper and Sandy that same evening... so we ended up spending the night at my Mother in Laws - SLEEPOVER!! Yess! haha... anyway, we found the spare and we're all good now!  So... double check your keys and make sure they're not going to randomly FALL OFF and get lost!

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