A summer of soul stretching and mind expanding!

This really has been the summer for trying/doing/learning new things!

I absolutely recommend trying new things! It will stretch your soul and help you get in touch with YOU a whole lot better!!



Planted an herb garden for the first time!

Watched my kid ride a sheep in a Kids Rodeo (Muttin' Bustin'!) (Yes, their new experiences qualify as my new experiences too!)

Learned a new lighting/portrait technique

Took a road trip to, and visited the city of Denver Colorado for the first time. I saw some breathtaking scenes along the way - talk about stretching the soul and expanding the mind! We had so many new experiences simply because we were in a new city, and drove long new roads and highways!

Learned how to make flower crowns.

Visited the brand new Museum of Natural Curiosity in Lehi, Utah with all four boys by myself (it was beyond our wildest imaginations and we loved it!)

I'm learning more about probiotics and was introduced to kefir, and it's been so fascinating to learn more about our bodies, they way they should work and how our society as a whole has gotten so far away from real foods! (Not a judgment, just absorbing all this new information!)

My husband and I went to the concert of the ridiculously talented and incredibly entertaining Lindsey Stirling - it's the first time we've ever been to a concert together and it was a life changing and incredibly inspiring experience!

This was a little bit before Summer officially started, but I learned how to make hand stamped jewelry! Can't forget that!!

I had the opportunity to teach 20ish youth (and some adults) about photography! It was so much fun for me and the first time I've been able to teach like that! Aah! It was great!

I've learned to cook some new Thai dishes! That's always fun (and dang delicious!)

Having new, positive experiences is what life is all about if you ask me! My boys (and I) have been thriving this summer as individuals and a family unit. Not saying it's been perfect or that my boys are well behaved all the time... because that would be lying.  :) But, it's been pretty wonderful so far!

I've also been learning a lot about myself in the process! Wow. More on that later, but in a nutshell I've been learning how to truly love and accept myself the way I really am - and these new experiences have helped relearn what I love and what I don't care much for! I've actually surprised myself a number of times! Things I thought I liked... I really, honestly don't and I've realized things that I love! All the while getting to know myself better! I'm finding myself more accepting of my physical self and all my "social imperfections" that just make me - me! I'm imperfect! Physically, socially, mentally, emotionally... so is everyone else! (See I'm rambling now! But really, I'll try to write more about that journey! It's pretty incredible!)

Try something new! Intentionally discover something about yourself! What makes you - you?! Because in all sincerity - You're pretty amazing. 

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