This is my niece, Sianni. I'll give you moment. I'm sure you're catching your breath... because she is breathtaking. This little human packs a whole lot of personality and feist and I adore every ounce of her!

Her dad, my brother, died almost 7 years ago due to injuries from a motorcycle accident. What a blessing this darling girl has been to our family! My boys love her to pieces and get along with her ridiculously well. I wish wish wish we could be around her more!

She came to visit us in Utah with my parents and siblings... and we had to have a photo shoot. She is wearing my flower, and aunty Stephanie's necklace... so these images are extra special!

She can hold her own, and does. She will do amazing things, you just watch! When she puts her mind to something, get out the way! Bless her mother and granny, they have their work cut out for them! She is an extra special one, that Sianni Sydney!  Pretty much I think she's amazing, and enjoy any time I get to be with her!

This photo shoot not only produced wonderful images, but special memories. I treasure the memories she is in. Not only because she is Ryan's daughter, but because she really is that awesome, and I love her!

I think I smothered her enough while she was visiting that she won't soon forget it!

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