Natural Lighting

I love natural light. I've tried studio/continuous lighting and it was fun, but it doesn't beat natural lighting in my book. This image of my 4 month old is taken just in front of our living room window! True story. The set up is ridiculously easy (large, white foamboard and a white blanket... that's it!). I love that an image like this can be so simple to set up! I don't have to have cutsie props (nothing against em, I just don't need 'em) or fancy backdrops. Yeah, it's pretty "ghetto-rigged" but no one would know (or care) when looking at the image.

I've played with different styles of photography over the years, and the fresh, natural, casual look is what I connect with most. Simple and real. My kids don't run around in much more than t-shirts and pants (if your lucky), so that's what I want to capture! If there isn't snot running down their faces, and they're clean - it's a great day!

Yay for another reason to love the sun!

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