Cram Family

Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States  Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States-02 Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States-03 Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States-04 Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States-05 Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States-06 Utah-Family-Photographer-Alicia-States-08

Can you say Good Looking Family?!?!  Obviously this family was a breeze to get good shots of! The most difficult part of the shoot was beating the light! Oh and not getting attacked my wild animals… (okay, that last part wasn’t hard at all, but it was distractingly on my  mind!)

This was a little bit of an adventure shoot. I was on alert the whole time,  slightly nervous about all the “natural” sounds we kept hearing.  At one point I heard a charging sounds – my heart skipped a few beats – when I turned and it was human I couldn’t have been more relieved! I guess we found the hot trail for horseback riding, mountain biking, even for riding dirt bikes! I had never been on that trail before so it was a shot in the dark, hoping we would find some picturesque spots. We did. 

And what is up with this weather?! We jumped from Summer to Winter! The trees hadn’t even fully turned and snow fell! I don’t get it. It’s making me crazy! I just want to enjoy Autumn before the long winter hits! Make the most of it, I suppose. Snow shots are gorgeous, too!

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