My home, an art gallery?

I love having pictures up in my home. Majority are just cute ones of my family, but then there’s that one picture I take that I have to have on my wall. This is one such picture. I also want to hang a few other Photos, and my husband sarcastically made the comment “Do you want our home to look like an art gallery?” to which I replied, “Absolutely!”.

“Oh.” was all he said. Hahaha.

12Mar 008

(fyi, this is a 16x24 print)

I  know he loves my work but he prefers we have pictures of the family up, while I want to frame and hang pictures of baby giraffes and such. ;) The giraffes can wait a  little longer. It’s all part of being married, I suppose. :D

Figuring out where to hang them is a whole ‘nother dilemma! My husband is the one with the eye for spacing and colors. He’s amazing like that.  I already don’t like where I’ve hung a few of my other photos, lol. Oh well.

Anyway, I love this one.  It’s incredibly satisfying for me to see my work up in our home. As it should be for any artist. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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