Scott Family {Utah Family Photographer}

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This is a darling little family that I had the pleasure of following around and photographing! Little Jordan just loved seeing the old broken down train carts and exploring with his dad! It was a very low-stress photo shoot and a delight to be around such genuine people! Thanks, you guys!

Tuscany {Utah Baby Photography}

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This beautiful baby girl belongs to my amazing Mary Kay director, Monica Hartle! We meant to take these photos a long time ago before Tuscany got old enough to do.... anything... (lol)... but as life goes, many things do not go according to plan! So here she is! Not quite crawling, but definitely active and alert! She is the youngest of 6 and belongs to a wonderful family! Thank you, Monica for inviting me into your home to capture this precious stage in Tuscany's life!

My Brudder. {Utah Portrait Photographer}

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Meet my brother, Tyler.  He recently graduated from high school and is now "on his own". Well, out of the house, anyway! We're lucky to have him visiting for a couple of weeks before he goes off and builds a house (not for himself, for our cousin). He also needs a haircut (says Dad). I like his hair. So, before he does it, we had  to have a mini [photo shoot].   I realized he not exactly smiling  in a few of these, but rest assured he is a happy, take-the-bull-by-the-horns type o' fellow.  Great things lay in store for this young man.

Yes, he's from Kauai. Yes, he's an all-star athlete. Yes, he surfs. Yes, he's single. Yes, he'll be leaving for 2 years to who-knows-where-in-the-world. Yes, you can write him.