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 yony 039-2 

This is my cute sister-in-law, Yony!  We had a fun little photo shoot... She's a great subject to practice new techniques on! We'll probably be doing this again soon... so come back and check 'em out!!!


  1. Beautiful shots Alicia.
    Melissa Ferguson

  2. Those turned out really cute. I can't wait until our photo shoot!

  3. Hey Girl,
    I couldn't view your blog because it's private so I'll leave you a message here. Adjusting to 2 was hard, as you well know. But Amelia is 7 weeks old now so I've got it all down pat. Of course now that I say that I'll be thrown a curve ball and get knocked out of my groove. Being a mother is just so wonderful and now I have 2x the love in my heart and in my arms!