My little boys’ energy is… well… not exactly soothing…

I have, somewhat recently, discovered Pandora Radio. I know… where the heck have I been?! Anyway.

I. Love. It.

Where has it been all my life? (Not invented yet. That’s where!) My current stations are Jenny Phillips and Enya. They balance out the non-stop-little-boy-energy that is my life.

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Because we like to play on broken train tracks…

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I got a few shots of my boys when I took Steph’s pictures. I freaking love these monkeys!


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I just love that railroad track! :) This is my baby sister, Steph. She was out here for the summer visiting from Kaua’i. I promised her a photo shoot before she left. She’s adorable.

Hardy Family {Utah Family Photographer}

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Family pictures, senior portraits, 1st year pictures… we did it all and then some!  How darling is this family? Celeste is such a gorgeous girl and I had a blast taking pictures of her for her senior year! 

What would life be like with 7 kids ages 1-20?! Good thing Jackie is such a great mom!

There were so many pictures to choose from, but these are my favorites! Enjoy!