Rhyan, Erika & Khyler {Family Portrait Photographer}

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I’ve known Rhyan since I was 4, and our parents are still good friends today! His mom is like a 2nd mother to me and my little family when we’re home (on Kaua’i).  She makes the best mochi ever!

It’s been awesome to see Rhyan go on a mission and get married to an amazing girl! Erika is incredible, and I’m so happy they found each other!  They’ve both been good friends to Cameron and I. We are lucky to have them in our lives!

When I finally met Khyler, their first baby, I instantly felt a tiny bit of ownership. lol.  It’s so fun to see a tiny little thing that is such a combination of Erika and Rhyan!

It was so much fun for me to take their pictures. Rhyan and Erika adore each other and Khyler is such a loved baby! I am glad we were able to get a few pictures that capture that. :)

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