Beach Shots {Utah/Kaua’i Portrait Photographer}

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Finally got my boys down to the beach for their own mini photo shoot! It was kind of a disaster. Makoa wouldn’t give me a normal face, and if he did, it was blurry. Ka’imi wouldn’t go near the ocean and became hysterical if Josh or I put him on the sand;  he was only content sitting on a big rock.  He was still so freaking cute when he was crying… I kept snapping away.  Does that make me a bad mom? Or just a “mamarazzi”? lol. Then, Josh had his GQ photo shoot. He’ll be 16 this year!  That  blows my mind! We finally  left  because it got way to windy and the rain drops started. When I got home, I realized we didn’t get any shots of Josh with his shirt actually on! lol. My mom wont be enlarging any of those… haha… oh well, guess we’ll have to do some  head shots with him!

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